Prioritize - An Organized To-Do List

Prioritize is an app that will automatically prioritize your tasks when you assign a due date and priority level!

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About Prioritize Development

Prioritize App is created by the individual developer Blake Gordon. Being an app that is free to use, ads were necessary to integrate to offset the cost of all the time and finances put into the development of Prioritize.

This app will remain as a free to use application so that everyone will be able to prioritize their life! Ideally this app would not have ads, but the small amount of revenue from the ads are used to help offset all of the development costs.

If you would like to support the development process to see new features and platforms offered, please feel free to purchase the removal of ads and send a short message to the support email for what you would love to see happen!

Prioritize will never ever sell your data to make money! That's just not what Prioritize is about! You data is your data! Check out our privacy page for more details on that. The only money made off of Prioritize is from the ads, and users paying to remove the ads.

Thank you for your interest in Prioritize and we hope that you enjoy using the app!