Privacy is taken incredibly seriously. Prioritize will never misuse your data or share it with parties that will. For transparency, the third parties that Prioritize shares your data with is provided and linked below and how that data is acquired.

Firebase Realtime Database

Any data that you provide (including your email address or social media account information), is stored in Firebase Realtime Database and not shared with anyone else.

Google Analytics

For information about how Prioritize is used and general information about your device, so that better development decisions can be made, Google Analytics is used.


For information about bugs in prioritize (like when the app crashes), Crashlytics is used so that users get the best possible experience when using the app.

Google AdMob

While this app is free to use, this app is ad supported. Ads are provided by Google AdMob and no personal data is explicitly provided by Prioritize for targeted ads.


Cookies (if any) are only from the above linked third parties, and their privacy policies apply. Prioritize does not use cookies to track of you on this website.

Deleted Data

When you delete data from Prioritize, it is permanently deleted. If you'd like to delete your account, please contact support to have it deleted.